Distance from Sun: 5500 ± 440 pc
Galactocentric distance: 2910 ± 370 pc
V-band magnitude: 24.60 ± 0.25
Mass: 1.6 · 104 M
M/L ratio: 1.80 M/L
Half-mass radius: 2.85 pc
Power-law MF slope: α = 0.50

Image Credit: Atlas Image/2MASS/UMass/IPAC-Caltech/NASA/NSF


Cluster distance Proper motion Radial velocity
Orbit over the last 500 Myr
Velocity dispersion profile Rotation Color magnitude diagram
HST photometry Mass function MF slope

N-body Fits

Surface density Proper motions Radial velocities
Remnant fraction Mass-to-light ratio

The cluster proper motion is taken from Alonso-Garcia et al. (2021), A&A in press