Information for Postgraduate Students



Research in graph theory and design theory is being undertaken by mathematicians around the world, and many interesting unsolved problems are under investigation. I collaborate with colleagues in the USA, UK and Canada. Research topics in graph theory and design theory are available for research students.


For more details of my research, you may wish to look at my publication list.


Information on postgraduate programs, enrolment, scholarships, etc can be accessed from the School of Mathematics and Phyics Homepage, and information on scholarships in particular can be accessed at the UQ scholarships website.


Current PhD Students:

Hang Hao Chuien

Path decomposition of graphs


Previous Phd Students:

William Pettersson (graduated 2014)

Computational Graph Theory


Geoff Martin (graduated 2011)

Some results on decompositions of circulant graphs and embeddings of partial cycle systems.


Robert Brier (graduated 2008)

Topics in graph decompositions and related algebras.


Daniel Horsley (graduated 2008)

Some results on Steiner Triple Systems and Cycle Decompositions.


Melinda Buchanan (graduated 2007)

Embedding, existence and completion problems for Latin squares.


Matt Dean (graduated 2006)

On Hamilton cycles and Hamilton cycle decompositions of graphs based on groups.