adam.m Implements the ADAM algorithm for network reliability estimation. Uses nominal_pdf.m, threshold.m, stratified_split.m, and mcmc.m.
conditional_pdfs.m Determines the structure of the conditional pdfs for the network reliability problem.
conditional_rnd.m Implements sampling from the conditionals for the network reliability problem.
data.m Generates problem data for various network reliability estimation problems.
elite.m Determines the elite samples for the graph.
mcmc.m Implements sampling from the transition kernel for the network reliability problem. Uses elite.m.
nominal_pdf.m Implements sampling from the nominal pdf.
relbty_marginals.m Estimates the reliability of a network using Markov chain Monte Carlo and the splitting method. Uses data.m, adam.m, conditional_pdfs.m, conditional_rnd.m, W.m, and S.m.
S.m Computes the time at which a network becomes operational given a set of repair times.
stratified_split.m Generates the splitting factors required in the ADAM algorithm via conditional Bernoulli random variables.
threshold.m Implements the computation of the levels in the ADAM algorithm.
W.m Computes the likelihood ratio for importance sampling using conditional densities.