bingen.m Draws from the binomial distribution via the geometric method. Algorithm 4.3.
binomialrnd.m Recursive binomial generator via negbin draws. Algorithm 4.5. Uses nbinrnd.m.
binomrnd_beta.m Recursive binomial generator via beta draws. Algorithm 4.6. Uses betarnd.m.
coxian_ex.m Drawing from a Coxian phase-type distribution. Example 4.6.
gamma_best.m Gamma generator using Best's method. Algorithm 4.37.
hyperg.m Hypergeometric generator. Algorithm 4.9.
negbin.m Negative binomial generator using a phase-type description. Example 4.4.

The following programs implement simple generation algorithms for a range of probability distributions.

betarnd.m General Beta generator. Algorithm 4.25. Uses gamrand.m.
cauchyrnd.m Cauchy generator. Algorithm 4.28.
dirichrnd.m Dirichlet generator. Algorithm 4.67. Uses gamrand.m.
frechetrnd.m Frechet generator. Algorithm 4.32.
frand.m F generator. Algorithm 4.30. Uses gamrand.m.
gamrand.m Gamma generator using Marsaglia and Tsang's method. Algorithm 4.33.
gamrnd_ahrens.m Gamma generator using Ahrens and Dieter's method. Algorithm 4.34.
gamrnd_cheng.m Gamma generator using Cheng and Feast's method. Algorithm 4.35.
geornd.m Geometric generator using the exponential distribution. Algorithm 4.8.
laplacernd.m Laplace generator using the inverse-tranform method. Algorithm 4.42.
logisticrnd.m Logistic generator using the inverse-transform method. Algorithm 4.45.
mnrand.m Multinomial generator using the binomial method. Algorithm 4.70. Uses binomrnd_beta.m.
mvnrand.m Multivariate normal generator. Algorithm 4.71.
mvtrand.m Multivariate t generator. Algorithm 4.72. Uses gamrand.m.
nbinrnd.m Negative binomial generator. Algorithm 4.11. Uses gamrand.m and poissrnd_atk.m.
normrnd_ratio_uniforms.m Standard normal generator using the ratio of uniforms method with squeezing. Algorithm 4.49.
poissrnd_batch.m Poisson generator via batch generation. Algorithm 4.16. Uses poissrnd_atk.m and mnrand.m.
poissrnd_atk.m Poisson generator via Atkinson's method. Algorithm 4.15.
stablernd.m Stable distribution generator. Algorithms 4.55 and 4.56.
trnd_ar.m t generator using acceptance-rejection. Algorithm 4.63.
trnd_polar.m t generator using polar method II. Algorithm 4.62.
trnd_ratio.m t generator using the ratio of uniforms method. Algorithm 4.60.
waldrnd.m Wald generator. Algorithm 4.65.
wblrand.m Weibul generator. Algorithm 4.66.
wishrand.m Wishart generator via Bartlett decomposition. Algorithm 4.74. Uses gamrand.m.