aliasfin.m Alias method example.
condbern Draws from a conditional Bernoulli distribution. Uses Rgens.m.
copula.m Generates an iid sample from a two-dimensional Student's t copula.
discinvtrans.m Faster discrete inverse-transform example
discIT.m Discrete inverse-transform example
ellipsoid.m Calculates the surface density for an ellipsoid.
ellipsoid_sample.m Generates uniformly distributed points on the surface of an ellipsoid. Uses ellipsoid.m and rand_ellipsoid.m.
mixturefin.m Generates an iid sample from a mixture of normal distributions.
normt.m Returns a single sample from a truncated normal distribution. Uses norminv.m (statistics toolbox).
rand_ellipsoid.m Draw a uniform point on a ellipsoid, using acceptance-rejection. Uses ellipsoid.m.
Rgens.m Calculated the normalization constant for the conditional Bernoulli distribution.
tablook.m Table lookup example.
truncexp.m Generates an iid sample from a trunacted exponential distribution
unifperm.m Draws uniformly and without replacement k numbers out of n.