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Bernhard H. Neumann,   15 October 1909 - 21 October 2002

The following, written by Sheila Williams on behalf of the CMSA, is to appear in Volume 27 of the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics (March 2003).

We were saddened to hear of the death of Emeritus Professor Bernhard H. Neumann, AC. Many people and organisations will be paying tribute to Bernhard, and there will be a full obituary in the Australian Mathematical Society's Gazette in Volume 30 Number 1, March 2003, so we will restrict ourselves to acknowledging the support that Bernhard gave to combinatorics in Australia. As well as accepting the position of Honorary Editor when the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics began publication in 1990, he attended many of the Australasian Conferences on Combinatorial Mathematics, and the International Conference held in Canberra in 1977. He was a member of the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia from its inception and continued as a member despite his obvious disappointment that there seemed to be insurmountable obstacles to his desire for closer links between the CMSA and the Australian Mathematical Society.

Although most people are aware of Bernhard's numerous profound contributions as a group theorist, his interests ranged far wider than that, and some of his papers, such as `Matrizenkalkul in der Booleschen Algebra,' `Some sequences like Fibonacci's' and several about polygons, could well be classified as combinatorics. So we combinatorialists have good reason to think of Bernhard as one of us, and, with the rest of the mathematical world, to greatly mourn his passing.

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My new address for official matters is:

Professor N. C. Wormald
Canada Research Chair in Combinatorics and Optimization
Department of Combinatorics and Optimization
University of Waterloo
Waterloo ON
Canada N2L 3G1


phone:   (+1) 519 885 1211 ext 6983

Having completed most of the chores associated with my recent move to Waterloo, I am reminded of one thing in particular: the breadth of combinatorics and its closely allied areas. This comes both from considering the C&O Department here (graph theory, enumeration, optimization, designs, cryptography, O.R., quantum computing) and also the plans that Lynn Batten has been making for the next ACCMCC in December 2003 (which also include geometry and other areas of application of combinatorics). Watch the conference web page   for invited speakers, and make your plans for attending!

Nick Wormald
CMSA President

Congratulations to Nick on his prestigious Research Chair in Canada! See and links from there about these Reasearch Chairs.

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27ACCMCC         9-13 December, 2002

27th Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing (27ACCMCC) was held at The University of Newcastle, during December 9-13, 2002. The weekend before the conference started was marked by big bushfires that completely stopped the traffic between Sydney and Newcastle and for a while it was not quite clear whether conference participants would be able to arrive in Newcastle in time. A rainstorm on Wednesday surely helped fight the fire but at the same time made a planned conference excursion to Nelson Bay impossible.

The conference attracted 73 participants from 12 different countries. There were 8 invited and 51 contributed talks, all of excellent quality.

The invited speakers were:

During the conference three meetings were held: Annual General Meeting of ICA, Annual General Meeting of CMSA, and Council Meeting of CMSA.

A panel of three judges (Brendan McKay, Anne Street and Kevin McAvaney) had a very hard time deciding which of the talks presented by students was the best. The panel finally decided to have the CMSA Student Prize shared between Peter Jenkins from the University of Queensland and Julie Cain from the University of Melbourne.

Ljiljana Brankovic

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Permutation Patterns - 2003

Permutation Patterns - 2003 will be held at the University of Otago, New Zealand, 10 - 14 February 2003.

See   for more information, and for a link to the Second Announcement also.

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Graph Theory of Brian Alspach, GTBA 2003

Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA.
May 25-29, 2003

Brian Alspach, one of the most influential graph theorists of the past four decades, will be 65 years old on May 29, 2003. This conference is to honour Brian's contribution to Mathematics and to celebrate his 65th Birthday. The conference is sponsored by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) and Simon Fraser University.

There are 21 invited speakers and many more are expected to present the latest on Graph Theory. A special issue of Discrete Mathematics will be devoted to talks presented in this conference, subject to the strict refereeing process required by Discrete Mathematics.

Online registration and abstract submission (April 15 deadline) is available on the web page

If you wish to be put on our mailing list, please send e-mail to Hadi Kharaghani at

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Third Pythagorean Conference on Geometry, Combinatorial Designs, Cryptology and Related Structures

Faliraki, Rodos, Greece 1-7 JUNE 2003.

See the web site at

Invited Speakers include:

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British Combinatorial Conference

Bangor, Wales, 29 JUNE - 4 JULY 2003.

See the web site for details.

Invited speakers include:

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ICIAM 2003

International Congress on Indistrial & Applied Matehmatics, Sydney, 7-11 JULY 2003.

Please see for all details about ICIAM 2003.

One of the embedded meetings will be the Sixth Australia - New Zealand Mathematics Convention, and there will be mini-symposia involving various aspects of combinatorics.
The web page for this embedded meeting (which you can find through the ICIAM site) is .

The early bird registration is 29 November 2002.

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International Conference on Recent Advances in Statistical Designs and Related Combinatorics

National Technical University of Athens, 7-9 JULY 2002.

This is in honour of Stratis Kounias.

See the web site at for details.

Organisers are:

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CLAGC-2003, Tehran, Iran

Combinatorics, Linear Algebra & Graph Coloring,   August 9-14, 2003.

This is being held at the Institute for studies in theoretical Physics and Mathematics, IPM, Tehran, Iran.

Invited speakers include:

Please see the web site at   for details.

Hadi Kharaghani CLAGC-2003, Tehran, Iran.

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LOOPS 2003

Charles University and the Czech University of Agriculture,  : 10-17 AUGUST 2003.

See the web site at   for details.

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The 28th Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing will be held from 15-19 December 2003, at Deakin University, Burwood campus, Melbourne.

Principal organizer: Lynn Batten

Program Committee: Lynn Batten, Elizabeth Billington, Peter Gibbons, David Glynn, Tim Pentilla, Cheryl Praeger, Nick Wormald.

Invited speakers include the following (and more are planned):

For updates and more information, visit the website:

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A very useful website giving upcoming conferences in Coding, Cryptography and Effective Algebra AND their deadlines is .


News from Nick Cavenagh

Nick Cavenagh   (  has accepted a 9-month Postdoctoral Fellowship with the DIMATIA research group at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, which he will commence in April 2003. His research project will be on latin trades and critical sets in latin squares.

He will be looking for research/lecturing work in combinatorics for 2004.

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Diane Donovan
is to be congratulated on her recent promotion to Associate Professor at the University of Queensland. Well done Diane!

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Ian Roberts
sends news from the Northern Territory University in Darwin.

Probably the only worthwhile bit of news is that Jeanette McLeod is on the way to ANU to begin a PhD with Brendan McKay. Last year Jeanette received a Chancellor's Medal from NTU for her honours, and also an Award for Mathematical Excellence from the NT Mathematics Teachers Association (MTANT).

Congratulations to Jeanette!

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Nick Hamilton
is back at the University of Queensland! He writes:

I am now employed within The Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Environment which is part of the Advanced Computational Modelling Centre located in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Queensland. I'm part of a project doing modelling and visualisation of protein motors. You might even mention that I'm enjoying it very much as it seems that a lot of the things I used to do when I was avoiding work, like messing around with graphics and visualisation software, are now part of my job!

Nick Hamilton's email address is now

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Other snippets of news!

Ian Wanless has moved back to ANU from Oxford, to a postdoc with Brendan McKay.

Barbara Maenhaut takes up a 2 year position at the University of Queensland soon, working with Darryn Bryant and Peter Adams.

Andrew Blinco, who is about to submit his PhD thesis at the University of Queensland, will be teaching at a University in China for 8 weeks this semester.

Check the ALGEBRA 5 year lectureship available at the University of Queensland. (Go to and click on Jobs@UQ.)
Closing date is 7 FEB!

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The Council of the CMSA are delighted to announce that Anne Penfold Street has accepted our offer of an Honorary Editorship of the Journal.

The web page for the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics is at .
This has a search facility for past authors and for keywords in the titles of papers.
Instructions to authors are also available from this web site.
The contents of all volumes, 1 to 27, are listed at the above web page.

Volume 27 will appear in March 2003; it is currently being printed. Copies are being sent to all full registrants from the 26ACCMCC, which was held at Curtin in Perth in 2001.

Submissions to the AJC may be sent to . Electronic submissions are encouraged. For paper submissions, please check the web page.

The Australasian Journal of Combinatorics is published by the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia Inc.

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If anyone is interested in taking over the CMSA E-Newsletters, please send expressions of interest to both the President, Professor Nick Wormald at and to me. I have looked after this Newsletter since its inception in 1999, but now since I'm both Editor-in-Chief of the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics and Honorary Secretary of the Australian Mathematical Society, I wish to step down as Newsletter Editor in the near future.

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