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Welcome to the home page for MATH3301 for Semester 2, 2008.          
Please check here regularly! This course is NOT using blackboard, so please check this site often.

Course Profile

The Course Profile for the course MATH3301 is available online; go to and scroll down to MATH3301 and click!.
You should all have received a hard copy of this.

Here is the Weekly Planner.

Important Notices will appear here, as well as copies of some of the notes/slides.

HERE is a link to your marks so far (before the final exam), with only student numbers and not names listed.


(second half of semester)

Remember: 11:00am Monday 6th October 2008 is your in-class graph theory quiz!
See the revision sheet below.

Assignment One (for graph theory half)

Assignment Two (for graph theory half)

Revision Sheet for Graph Theory Quiz.

Graph Theory Tutorial Sheets:
Sheet 1
Sheet 1 Solutions
Sheet 2
Sheet 2 Solutions
Sheet 3
Sheet 3 Solutions
Sheet 4
Sheet 5


(first half of semester)

Remember your Mid-semester Test is on Tuesday 2nd September, in the usual lecture room and time (10:00am).

In case you didn't get a paper copy, here is a Mock Mid-semester test.

And here are draft solutions (which were handed out in the last week of August).

Extra Geometry notes from class

Below are extra notes, other than the printed ones handed out, made in class.
You will probably have to rotate the pdf!
Extra for lectures 1,2
Extra for lecture 3
Extra for lecs in week 2 AND Extra questions from lecture 6
Extra from lecture 8, Tuesday 5th August 2008
Extra from 12th Aug lecture
Recap on 18th Aug lecture
19th Aug extras
20th Aug extras and recap, with a better picture of a Desarguesian configuration!
Mon 25th Aug recap and extra notes
Tues 26th Aug lecture notes, affine planes.
Wed 27th Aug lecture notes, last!
Mon 1st Sept some revision scribbles!


Lecturers for MATH3301 are
Dr Elizabeth Billington,   and
Dr Diane Donovan,

Elizabeth Billington:   Tuesdays 11-12 and Thursdays 1-2pm.
Diane Donovan:       Mondays 11-12 and Fridays 11-12 noon.


Please see the profile for details.
Important dates appear on the course schedule.

Problem Sheets and Assignments

Hard copies of these will be provided in lectures. In case you lose your copy, check here!
Solutions to Problem Sheets and Assignments will be made available in due course, in the lectures and tutorials.


This first sheet is for about two weeks.
Problem Set One     (Available)
(Solutions available in paper form, in class.)

Assignment One     (Available)
(Solutions handed out in lectures.)

Problem Set 2     (Available)
Solutions to Problem Set 2     (Available)

Problem Set 3     (Available)
Solutions to Problem Set 3 (also available earlier, from class). NB: The solution to problem 8 has been corrected in this online version!

Assignment Two     (Available)
(Note two typos on the paper sheet; qu 4, B = (not B +) and last bonus question: radius ln 2 and not 2.)
Solutions to Assignment Two     (Available)

Problem Set 4     (Available)
Solutions to Problem Set 4     (Available) (and paper copies were handed out in lectures).


See above for these now!

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