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New HOWTO documents:

These old HOWTO documents are obsolete.

  • TutorialDmrg: A tutorial on using the toolkit for some simple groundstate calculations
  • TutorialToric-code: A tutorial on using the toolkit for Toric-code model calculations and some notes for topological system simulations
  • SVNSimpleGuide: A simple tutorial for basic svn commands that are useful in Toolkit
  • HowtoBatch: How to use the DMRG program from a batch queue
  • HowtoFrequency: How to calculate frequency-space Green’s functions
  • TutorialShort: Just a list of all the commands needed for calculating the groundstate and spectral function [incomplete?]
  • SpinChain: Commands for running a simple DMRG calculation on a spin chain
  • HowtoTime: How to calculate real- or imaginary-time evolution
  • HowtoFiniteTemperature: How to do calculations at finite temperature
  • LargeScaleCalculations: Some notes on how to configure the DMRG program for large calculations
  • ConfigurationFile: Notes on the configuration file for DMRG and GMRES
  • SymmetricHubbardModel: Some comments on the Wigner-Eckart projection of the {$SO(4)$} symmetric Hubbard basis down to {$U(1)\times U(1)$}
  • DisorderedSystems: Avoiding metastable excited states in disordered systems
  • iDMRG: Infinite size DMRG
  • MKLAndOpen-MPIOptimizations: A guide for making an (heavily-) optimized MKL and OpenMP configuration in a toolkit build

Miscellaneous documents:

  • ExactEnergies: A collection of some exact and numerically-exact results
  • EntanglementCFT: Connection between entanglement, number of states, and CFT in 1+1D
  • SMA: Some notes on excitations and iMPOs
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