The page gives a list of known issues in the fourth edition of A Portable Introduction to Data Analysis. Corrections shaded in grey have been included in the Revised Edition, June 2008.

The errata are classified as being explanatory notes, simple typos or real mathematical errors.

If you find an error in the book then email The first person to report each error will receive a Freddo Frog. (If it is a mathematical error then you get a filled Freddo!).


15 Typo "placebo's" should be "placebos"
40 Typo "a vertical line at the median"
61 Typo "Figure 6.7 shows a stronger relationship"
64 Typo "implictly" should be "implicitly"
74 Typo "catgeorical" should be "categorical"
83 Typo "able to encoded" should be "able to encode"
91 Typo "enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)"
121 Typo "suggest it" should be "suggested it"
127 Math The standard deviation of male heights should be 7.6 cm (to give a z-score of 1.97).
130 Math

The plot for Figure 15.2 is incorrect (showing height instead of pulse rate). It should be the following:

145 Typo "Theorm" should be "Theorem"
Math The standard error of the mean at the bottom of page 157 should be 2.632, not 2.262. This changes the standard error of the prediction on page 158 to 8.730 bpm, giving a margin of error for the prediction interval of 19.75 bpm.
183 Typo "suggested at the start"
188 Typo The denominator should be 19, not 18, in the confidence interval calculation. (The margin of error, 5.52, is still correct.)
215 Typo "take differences, square them, and add them up"
219 Typo "it is difficult to tell since..."
221 Typo "When looking at confidence intervals"
231 Typo "expect it to have variability"
239 Typo "This table gives f*"
247 Typo Caption for Table 26.3 should be "ANOVA table for water loss by wind speed"
255 Math In the equation the √2 should be on the numerator, not the denominator, in the right-hand side. The discussion in the following paragraph is still correct.
259 Typo Missing space before "It seems"
268 Typo "is there evidence" (drop extra "is")
275 Typo "variabiles" should be "variables"
279 Typo "Instead we write H0 in words as"
331 Math "To calculate 69 divided by 240"
343 Math

Stirling's formula in logarithms should have "log(2) + log(π)" instead of "log(2 + π)". This changes the estimate of log(69!) to 98.2328, much closer to the correct value of 98.2333.

The log formula can also be simplified to 0.39909 - 0.434294n + (n + 0.5)log(n), by calculating all the constants.