This page gives a list of issues in the orignal fifth edition (2010) where the girl on the cover had green eyes. These were all corrected in the subsequent printing (2011) with purple eyes.

The errata are classified as being explanatory notes, simple typos or real mathematical errors.


Cover The cover shows a portrait of Shauna Durand, one of the current Islanders. Shauna actually has purple eyes (not green).
22 Typo "the results were due to chance"
31 Typo "153 hours" should be "153 cm"
35 Typo "This is clearly not symmetric around any weight"
37 Typo "the number of bins is predetermined"
38 Typo "The plot then adds up the height of the kernels above each weight value"
41 Typo "Colour" in Table 3.2 should be "Pizza"
41 Typo "This chart has the categories ordered from least common to most common...". This is not the case — the categories are ordered alphabetically.
42 Math Figure 3.14 is actually showing counts, not proportions
50 Typo "The pattern observed lies above the identity line"
50 Math The point is (165,177), not (177,165).
69 Typo "Suppose we want to predict the weight of a person from their height"
89 Typo "Inspired by the work of Turner et al."
102 Typo "if the outcome of the random process is an element of the event"
118 Typo "... and 0.275 of the Islanders preferred mushroom pizza"
145 Math The number of ways of choosing 10 things from 50 is 50C10 = 10272278170. The denominator for P(X = 6) should thus be 10272278170 but the final probability (0.1034) is correct.
155 Typo "where the vertical axis is our variable and the horizontal axis is for the Normal distribution"
163 Typo "the average increase in pulse rate is 15.80 bpm"
168 Math The population standard deviation in the second paragraph should be σ = 25.65 years, not 12.936.
199 Typo "the mean increase we are trying to detect"
216 Typo "20.3 cm higher than for females"
229 Typo The female proportion is "22/42 = 0.524".
229 Math The margin of error for the female proportion is 1.96×0.077 = 0.151. This changes all the values in the last two paragraphs. For example, the confidence interval becomes (37.3%, 67.5%).
240 Typo Exercise 17.1 should not be there. (The question is asked and answered on page 225.) Note that the solutions for Chapter 17 will thus have numbers one out from those appearing in this edition.
247 Typo "Here it seems fairly constant, but it is difficult to see since there are a few outlying values"
254 Typo is there any evidence.
314 Math The chi-square statistic is 132.07 with 9 degrees of freedom, as shown in the first half of the page. Incorrect values, 14.83 with 8 degrees of freedom, then appear in the second half of the page – these should be replaced by 132.07 and 9, respectively. The conclusion on page 317 is then that there is very strong evidence to suggest that the human-generated numbers are not uniform.
318 Typo The caption for Figure 22.3 should read "consecutive digits"
333 Math The logistic regression results shown in Table 23.3 and Figure 23.3 are incorrect. (They came from a larger data set, not the one shown in Table 23.2.) Table 23.3 should be


The general conclusions all remain unchanged.
338 Typo "a very big increase in plant growth"
345 Typo "we are ranking the whole scale..."
"These will change the the sum of ranks in each group."
353 Typo "the exact probabilities given in Table 24.8"
359 Typo "A study"