This page gives a list of issues in the 2011 edition where the girl on the cover had purple eyes. These were all corrected in the revised edition (2013) with blue eyes.

The errata are classified as being explanatory notes, simple typos or real mathematical errors.


25 Typo Missing comma: “it is usually easy to infer what it was, based on the statement of results”
36 Math “such as the weights in Figure 3.6, a unimodal distribution”
40 Typo Spurious “that” in first line
43 Typo “to determine whether”
50 Math “the median height for males is 179 cm and the median height for females is 163 cm, so there is a point (163, 179) on the plot.”
73 Typo “at which the drug...” (remove spurious “the”)
114 Typo “... kissing on the first date.”
164 Typo n = 25 residents” (twice)
233 Typo we are”
239 Typo “close to each other
245 Typo “39.5 years
246 Typo “Instead of the confidence bands...” (remove spurious “the”)
257 Typo “as discussed in Section 18.1
271 Typo “knowing whether a woman is single”
339 Typo “planet” should be “plant
341 Typo “and thus gives more significant evidence”