Welcome to the 5.2 edition of A Portable Introduction to Data Analysis.

This is a small update to the Fifth Edition which brings it in line with the Islands, a new virtual population to support learning in experimental design, epidemiology and statistical reasoning. Many examples and exercises have been updated to reflect this. Various other changes have been made to improve consistency and all known errata have been corrected.

The Fifth Edition itself was extensively revised to bring key topics such as hypothesis testing much earlier in the text. Randomization tests were also adopted to support and illuminate traditional algebraic methods.

An updated A4 copy of the Fifth Edition can be purchased from UQ Print on Demand in the Duhig Tower at St Lucia.

Table of Contents (PDF)

Data Sets and Statistcal Tables

You can copy the data sets directly for use in statistical software such as R.

The statistical tables are also available as a PDF.

Exercise Solutions

Check the solutions to the exercises at the end of each chapter.


Visit the page of errata to read about any notes or corrections for the fifth edition.

If you find an error in the book then please email m.bulmer@uq.edu.au. The first person to report each error will receive a Freddo Frog. (If it is a mathematical error then you get a filled Freddo!)