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General Relativity (2nd half)

Hubble Space Telescope image of the galaxy cluster Abell 2218. The mass density in the cluster is high enough to distort the images of background galaxies by gravitational lensing, forming multiple arc-like images seen here. See press release.


Dr. Michael Drinkwater (tel. 3365 3428, mjd@physics.uq.edu.au)


Class Contact Hours and Venue: 2 units, 3L, 1T See SI-net for details.

Course Outline

First half: see Course Profile.

Second half: The mathematical tools developed in the first half of the course will be used to describe and understand several observable examples of General Relativity in the Universe.

  1. Summary of Special Relativity
  2. Outline of General Relativity
  3. Gravitational redshift and time dilation
  4. Planet orbits in the Suns's gravitational field
  5. Gravitational deflection of light
  6. Application to cosmology
  7. Gravitational radiation

Reference Books:

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Reference Articles:

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