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AAOmega Extra-galactic Workshop

Friday 18 Feb 2005 at the AAO, Epping, 10am - 5pm.

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss and plan possible large observing proposals with AAOmega starting in Semester 2006A in response to the Call for expressions of interest.

The talks and summary from the meeting are now available online at the AAO Meeting Page


I. Background

  • 10.00 Capabilities of AAOmega -Will Saunders
  • 10.20 Report on Swinburne workshop on stellar projects -Will Saunders
  • 10.30 Summary of the last AAOmega workshop in the UK -Matthew Colless
  • 10.55 Morning tea/coffee

II. Projects (10 minute talks)

Please come prepared with estimated details of any pre-imaging required, survey limiting depths, areal coverage, and number density of targets, hence exposure times and number of observing nights.
  • 11.15 Stellar Populations in nearby early-type galaxies -Duncan Forbes
  • 11.30 The Structural Properties of Galaxies from Large Scale Surveys -Simon Driver
  • 11.45 Cosmic evolution of low-power radio galaxies -Elaine Sadler
  • 12.00 The Horologium-Reticulum Supercluster -Melanie Johnston-Hollitt
  • 12.15 Deep, high-redshift QSO surveys -Scott Croom
  • 12.30 The dark energy equation of state from galaxy surveys -Michael Drinkwater
  • 12.45 QSO reverberation mapping -Matthew O'Dowd
  • 1.00 Lunch

III. Planning

  • 2.00 Summarise and compare the projects
    1. List possible projects and compare merits & strategy
    2. For best projects list observational requirements
  • 3.50 Afternoon tea/coffee
  • 4.00 Discuss strategy for EoIs
  • 5.00 Close
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