The University of Queensland
Department of Mathematics

Analysis Seminar

Multi-Point Boundary Value Problems of Ordinary Differential Equations

Professor Ruyun Ma
Northwest Normal University, P. R. China

2pm on Wednesday 1 September 2004
Room 641, Priestley (Mathematics) Building


  We show the existence of positive solutions and the global behavior of positive solutions of nonlinear multi-point boundary value problem

u''+f(t,u)=0, (1)

u(0)=0, u(1)=a u(b), (2)

where b belongs to (0,1) . This is achieved by Fixed-Point Index and Global Continuation Principle of Leray-Schauder. Boundary condition (2) will reduce to Direchlet boundary condition u(0)=0 and u(1)=0 if a=0, and to Robin boundary condition u(0)=0 and u'(1)=0 if a=1 and b tends to 1.

All interested are invited to attend.

Enquires to Min-Chun Hong on 3346 9036 or