QFT learning seminar 2016 (Category O)

The seminar will meet Thursdays 3:00--4:30pm in 67-442. The topic is Category O


Here are some references which may be relevant for this year's seminar:

[G] Gaitsgory, G. Notes for a course on Geometric Representation Theory.
[H] Humphreys, J. Representations of Semisimple Lie Algebras in the BGG Category O. (available from Library Genesis). Errata.
[J] Joseph, A. Sur l’annulateur d’un module de Verma.
[KL] Kazhdan, D. and Lusztig, G. Representations of Coxeter groups and Hecke algebras.


This schedule is subject to change.

Semester 1
1 Mar 3 Peter McNamara Introduction
2 Mar 10 Matthew Habermann sl2
3 Mar 17 Aiden Suter Structure theory of simple Lie algebras
4 Mar 24 Alex Clark Verma modules
Easter Break
5 Apr 7 Sam Weatherhog Ext
6 Apr 14 Peter McNamara Verma modules II.
7 Apr 21 Masoud Kamgarpour Harish-Chandra isomorphism
8 Apr 28 Chul-hee Lee BGG resolution
9 May 5 Chul-hee Lee BGG resolution (continued)
10 May 12 Ole Warnaar Coxeter Groups
11 May 19 Sinead Wilson The Hecke Algebra
12 May 26 Jason Werry Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials and Kazhdan-Lusztig conjecture
13 Jun 2 Overflow