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Frontiers in Mathematics and Statistics: Big Data, Big Models, New Insights

[With Nigel Bean and Matthew Roughan (The University of Adelaide), Peter Bartlett, Kevin Burrage, Kerrie Mengersen, Anthony Pettitt and Ian Turner (QUT), Robert Kohn (The University of New South Wales), Jan DeGier, Aurore Delaigle, Peter Forrester, Peter Hall and Peter Taylor (The University of Melbourne), Dirk Kroese (The University of Queensland), and John Geweke, Louise Ryan, and Matt Wand (University of Technology, Sydney)]


In today's world, massive amounts of data in a variety of forms are collected daily from a multitude of sources. Many of the resulting data sets have the potential to make vital contributions to society, business and government, as well as impact on international developments, but are so large or complex that they are difficult to process and analyse using traditional tools.

The aim of this Centre is to create innovative mathematical and statistical models that can uncover the knowledge concealed within the size and complexity of these big data sets, with a focus on using the models to deliver insight into problems vital to the Centre's Collaborative Domains: Healthy People, Sustainable Environments and Prosperous Societies.

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