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Random Network Models with Applications in Biology (2012-2014)

[With Kostya Borovkov, Andrew Barbour and Aihua Xia (The University of Melbourne), Alexander Novikov (University of Technology, Sydney), Malwina Luczak (University of Sheffield) and Gesine Reinert (Oxford University)]

[Papers and Abstracts]


Understanding systems consisting of large numbers of interacting agents with various types of contact structures such as host-parasite populations or the brain is a great challenge. The main overall aim of the project is to develop and study the dynamics of mathematical models for such systems. A characteristic feature of these models is the presence of random networks that can evolve in time. Investigating random network models is one of the hot topics in probability theory, the results of the research finding applications not only in biology, but also in telecommunications and risk analysis. We expect to gain deeper insights into the laws emerging as the networks evolve in time, which is necessary for understanding the real-life systems.

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