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Statistical Consulting


I am available at certain times of the year for work on small or large scale consulting projects.


My expertise is in mathematical/statistical modelling, especially in the areas of telecommunications, ecology, epidemiology, chemical kinetics and gaming (lotto, gambling et cetera). I have experience as an expert witness in patent dispute cases. I also have experience in helping clients with the preparation of research grant proposals.


Contact me via UniQuest, the technology and consulting company of the University of Queensland.

Making best use of my time

Assistance can be provided at any stage of a project. In order to derive maximum benefit, clients should make contact prior to commencement of the project. Useful advice can be given at this stage about statistical, mathematical and computing aspects of the research plan, including the design, method and analysis, anticipated results and their interpretation, and, estimated time involved in this component of the project.


*The first two hours are charged at half this rate.

Note: These rates may be subject to change, and, if you engage me through UniQuest, they may charge extra to meet their costs.

A special note for University of Queensland clients

In the case of honours and postgraduate students, the expectation is that their supervisors will provide the necessary funds. With University of Queensland staff and students, fees are sometimes waived if a written agreement can be obtained over joint authorship (where appropriate). Alternatively, I am happy to talk with supervisors about joint supervision of students (shared EFTSU).

A very special note for my students

Occasionally my own students come across this page. To avoid any confusion, I hasten to point out that the consulting referred to on this page is different from the normal consulting my students are entitled to. If you are enrolled in any subject which I coordinate, please visit me at any time during my office hours. I am of course available at any time to see my PhD and MPhil students, as well as any Honours and Coursework Masters students doing their project under my supervision. However, once you graduate and wish to contact me for professional help, you will be charged for my services.

Statistical consulting at the University of Queensland

Some faculties within the University of Queensland have their own statistical advisors, so you would be well advised to find out if one exists in your faculty and to make contact with them first. At present the Discipline of Mathematics does not have a statistical consulting service, but all members of the Centre for Statistics are available at certain times of the year for consulting work at commercial rates. Please contact the Director, Prof Geoff McLachlan, for further information.

And finally, what's it to be?

Cash, collaboration or supervision?

I hear what you say, "... it's a simple problem and it won't take up much of your time ...", but what's it to be?


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