Product form approximations for highly linear loss betworks with trunk reservation

Mark Bebbington, Phil Pollett and Ilze Ziedins

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Abstract: We are concerned with the performance evaluation of loss networks, in particular under a form of admission control known as trunk reservation. The most important performance measures are the blocking probabilities for the various types of call (effectively the amount of potential revenue lost). For the uncontrolled system, under several regimes, the Erlang Fixed Point (EFP) method provides a good approximation for the blocking probabilities, but when these regimes are not operative the method does not perform as well. In many cases this is because the key assumption of independent blocking does not hold. Previously, we have proposed methods for estimating the blocking probabilities which specifically account for the dependencies between neighbouring links in a highly linear network. This paper explores some extensions of these methods to the case where circuits are reserved for certain types of traffic.

Keywords: Approximation, Blocking probabilities, Erlang Fixed Point, Ring network

Acknowledgement: This worked was funded by the Australian Research Council.

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Last modified: 11th February 1998