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Dynamical systems and chaos, computation & chaos, robust control, endogenous growth, robustness of economic modelling.

Some Recent Research Reports

  1. Some Recent Cadsmap Reports

Centre for Applied Gnomics

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Submitting and Revising a Journal Article

  1. Position Paper

Some Numerical Methods for Financial Mathematics

  1. Brief Overview (Paper by P.E. Kloeden)
  2. Eating Locally


  1. MATH2010 Course Profile, Sample Examination, Assignments and Solutions
  2. MATH2011 Course Profile, Sample Examination, Assignments and Solutions
  3. MATH2100 Course Profile, Sample Examination, Assignmen ts and Solutions
  4. MATH3401 Course Profile, Sample Examination, Assignments and Solutions
  5. MATH4404 Course Profile.
  6. General advice to students about making long study hours bearable
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Other Sites for Notes

  1. A Brief, Easy Course on Recursion
  2. More Introductory Linear Algebra
  3. Advanced Calculus and Analysis
  4. Complex Variable and Functional Analysis
  5. Known Mathematics, with References
  6. Dr. Mathematics
  7. Visualising Surfaces
  8. Favourite Mathematical Constants and Interesting Gateways

Mathematical Gateways

  1. Teacherless Education? - by Michael Green
  2. Scientific Computation Causes Disasters!
  3. Keith Matthews' Gateways
  4. Controversial and stimulating opinions about Mathematics, Computing and the future of Mathemathical thought.
  • Can't teach a new dog old tricks


    1. Special Relativity
    2. Lecturer-Student interaction
    3. Complex Numbers
    4. General Relativity
    5. The Ancient Romans had Gods for just about everything!
    6. Stamp Covers
    7. One hundred and one ways women are like differential equations
    8. On His Majesty's Secret Service
    9. Bad Taste & Politically Very Incorrect
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