ACEMS 2017 student competition

This page hosts the results and data sets for the ACEMS 2017 Student Competition

Submission Format (please read!)

For the 8 known scenarios submit only a list of indices of the discs that are remaining (the ones that are not thinned out). Provide such lists in CSV format. For an input file 200.1.csv, name the submitted output file TeamName.200.1.csv, where TeamName is the name of your team.

For the 3 unknown scenarios, you must submit a single Matlab function that takes the CSV input file as its sole argument and outputs the area and a column vector with the indices of the "remaining" discs. This program, whose name should again start with the name of your team, should be able to distinguish between the different scenarios via the name of the input file. For example, 500.2.hidden.csv might need a different solution strategy than 1000.1.hidden.csv. This program may run for a maximum of 15 minutes on each of the 3 hidden scenarios, using our local computer (45 minutes in total).


Best Matlab Code



Scenario Open datasets Hidden datasets
1 200.1.csv
2 200.2.csv
3 500.1.csv
4 500.2.csv ?
5 1000.1.csv
6 1000.2.csv ?
7 10000.1.csv ?
8 50000.1.csv

Matlab code

greedy.m rungreedy.m not_overlap.m filledCircle.m plotdiscs.m