I am an experimental physicist with interests in laser imaging. I head the Laser Diagnostics Group and I am part of the Centre for Hypersonics where I develop and apply advanced imaging techniques to high velocity, high temperature gas flows simulating atmospheric re-entry and high speed flight. I also have interests in microscopy including the application of non-linear optical techniques.

I teach physics across a range of years recently having taught a core first year course on Electromagnetism and a second year course on Fields in Physics. I have an interest in developing new teaching practices with particular emphasis on the use of new technologies. I was part of a group that developed simulation software using virtual reality. I'm investigating eLearning alternatives for student lecture preparation including the five minute physics project (see the teaching link).

I was the Head of the Division of Physics within the School of Mathematics and Physics for 2012 - 2016. I have previously worked at the Australian National University in Canberra and the German Aerospace Research Establishment in Goettingen, Germany. I have also spent a six month sabbatical at the Innsbruck Medical University.

Outside of physics, I enjoy physical activity with particular interests in orienteering, rogaining (a long distance navigation sport), and geocaching.