Physics Applets

These applets are written by Dr Tim McIntyre for use in undergraduate teaching in Physics.

A version for local use can be obtained by going to the download page.

The optics related applets are currently used as a tutorial exercise in a second year Physical Optics course. They include a -Code- input which generates a random setting of the device from which students must deduce a parameter such as the source wavelength. Other applets are generally in use to support pre-lab exercises in a first year laboratory.

Note that the default installation of Internet Explorer under Windows does not install all the necessary software to run applets. (You will see a grey rectangle instead of the applet). To overcome this, start Internet Explorer and go to

Follow the instructions for installation. After this the simulations should run - although you might still need to click in the grey rectangle to activate it and/or exit and then restart Internet Explorer.

Should you wish to use the applets in a class, please contact the author below. A -decode- applet to determine the -unknown- settings in the Optics applets is available on request.

All queries should be addressed to
Dr Tim McIntyre
School of Mathematics and Physics
The University of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia

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