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Polmos Luksusowa Luxury Potato Vodka

luksusowa.gif - 29.3 K This one is the best plain vodka that we've tried. It can be pretty difficult to choose the best from the range of excellent vodkas that we have tried, so we had to sit down and try them all. It's a hard life. Interestingly, this one is made from potatoes, and has a quite different flavour to its competitors (mostly Polish rye vodkas). Potato vodka is usually regarded as inferior. Perhaps special care is taken with this one. Special potato varieties grown for vodka are used; the spirit is quadruple distilled. Anyway, it's nice

What we said about it:

Polmos Luksusowa: 750 ml bottle
Polish luxury potato vodka. Same price as the Polmos premium vodkas that come in fancier bottles, but packaged in a plain square bottle but makes up for it by being a better quality product. It has a very well-balanced and rounded flavour, it's smooth and eminently drinkable. 80 proof, this is one of the few vodkas proud to be made from potatoes.
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