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Polmos Old Krupnik Honey Vodka

old_krupnik.gif - 29 K We liked this one a lot. A good vodka, a good honey liqueur. Sweet, as you would expect, so it might be too much for some people. You might also want to try the sweeter, less herby Lithuanian honey vodka, Krupnikas.

Compared with the Scotch-based honey liqueurs (like Drambuie and Glayva), the vodka base allows the honey and herb to be completely in the forefront.

What we said about it:

Polmos Old Krupnik Honey Vodka: 750 ml bottle
A very nice Polish honey vodka, this is awesomely good. Blended by experts from a recipe dating back to the eighteenth century, it's smooth and tasty, with the right amount of honey. And a nice herby bite, too. Sweet, but not overdone. Buy a case today.
T ***** G ***** S *****

Here's what the makers say about it

``Krupnik Polish Honey Liqueur is an ancient Polish beverage. Honey and spices shape its taste and aroma. It is made according to the authentic old recipe from southeast Poland, with carefully selected varieties of honey.''