Students Supervised by Yoni Nazarathy

(last updated, 1/11/2015)

I am looking for PhD students to work on theoretical problems and methodology in applied probability, operations research, statistical inference and control. Applicants should be very strong and have background in one or more of these fields: Pure mathematics, probability, operations research, computer science or electrical engineering (signal processing and/or control).

Some possible projects are here. Interested candidates should also look at Yoni’s research papers and presentations.


 Current Students:

·        Azam Asanjarani .  Secondary supervisor: Benoit Liquet.
PhD candidate at UQ.
Subject: Estimation of stochastic systems.

·        David Campbell. Honours student at UQ.

Graduated Students:

·        Tuan Dinh
PhD at CAIA. Joint supervision with Lachlan Andrew and Phillip Branch.
Subject: Energy aware control of supercomputing clusters.

·        Jori Selen
Masters student in TU/e. Joint Supervision with Ivo Adan.
Subject: The age of information in wireless gossip communication networks.
Currently: Doing a PhD at TU/e with Ivo Adan and
Johan van Leeuwaarden

·        Brendan Patch
Masters student at UQ. Joint supervision with Thomas Taimre.
Subject: The asymptotic covariance structure of multi-dimensional renewal reward processes.

Other Student Collaborators:

During the years 2013-2015 I initiated and took part in setting up joint PhD agreements between the University of Queensland and the University of Amsterdam for Julia Kuhn and Brendan Patch.

·         Julia Kuhn
PhD candidate both at UQ and UvA (joint PhD).  Supervisors: Thomas Taimre and Michel Mandjes.

·        Tung Le
PhD candidate at CAIA. Supervisors: Hai Vu and Lachlan Andrew.

·        Liron Ravner
PhD candidate in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Supervisor:
Moshe Haviv .

·        Stijn Fleuren
PhD candidate at
TU/e. Supervisor: Erjen Lefeber.

Summer Research Internship Students:

·        Aapeli Vuorinen (2014/15).

·        Darcy Bermingham (2015/16).