PhD & Honours project Opportunities


brain Tumour modeling

This research project will develop a biologically realistic mathematical model and computer simulations of the growth of glioblastoma brain tumours, that then can be used for testing and optimising treatment strategies, including surgery, radio- and chemo-therapy. The project will develop and investigate partial different equation models that describe the distribution and spreading of cancer cells in the tissue. The modelling work will be supported by experiments and MRI imaging data from the Centre of Advanced Imaging at UQ.

Tissue Mechanics & Morphogenesis

This project will investigate the role of mechanical interactions between cells in determining the structure,  morphology of different types of biological tissues. The project will use mathematical models, based on partial differential equations and/or stochastic models of interacting particles, and computer simulations and involves collaboration with experimental biology groups.

SKIN regeneration and Radiation induced Cancer

The aim of this project is to understand the hierarchy and relative contributions of different stem cell populations to epidermal homeostasis and to develop a comprehensive computational model that accurately describes the spatial/temporal organization of tissue self-renewal. The project will analyze experimental data obtained from advanced imaging and genetic technology at the UQ Clinical Research Centre. The project will also study the effects of UV radiation induced carcinogenesis on epidermal regeneration by developing a predictive model for the growth dynamics of mutant clones.

The projects are suitable for graduates with background in quantitative disciplines such as mathematics, physics or similar. Some experience and/or interest in numerical computation may be useful, previous background in biology is not required.


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Phd open day

For more information prospective students may attend the Phd Open Day at UQ on 17-18 September 2015, the School of Mathematics and Physics can provide assistance to cover travel expenses (see for details).