Benjamin Burton — Grants

Last updated: 7 March 2016

Australian Research Council
Tractable topological computing: Escaping the hardness trap
B. A. Burton, and J. Spreer
ARC Discovery Project (DP150104108)
Funded for 2015–2017
Unlocking the potential for linear and discrete optimisation in knot theory and computational topology
B. A. Burton, and M. Ozlen
ARC Discovery Project (DP140104246)
Funded for 2014–2016
Generic complexity in computational topology: Breaking through the bottlenecks
B. A. Burton, M. Elder, and S. Tillmann
ARC Discovery Project (DP110101104)
Funded for 2011–2013
Algorithms and computation in four-dimensional topology
B. A. Burton
ARC Discovery Project (DP1094516)
QEII Fellowship
Funded for 2010–2014
National and International
Building triangulations for fast topological computing
B. A. Burton, B. Datta, J. Spreer, and N. Singh
Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF06660)
Funded for 2014–2016
Exchange visit to Japan
B. A. Burton
Australia Japan Emerging Research Leaders Exchange Program
Representative for ICT
Funded for 2013
Algorithmic methods in combinatorial topology
B. A. Burton, M. Joswig, A. Paffenholz, and S. Tillmann
Go8 Australia – Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme
Funded for 2012–2013
State and Local
New-generation parallel-computing cluster for the mathematical and physical sciences
A. P. Roberts, M. J. Davis, J. Alcock, H. Baumgardt, B. A. Burton, V. J. Challis, J. F. Grotowski, and D. P. Kroese
UQ Major Equipment and Infrastructure Grant
Funded for 2011
Complexity in topology: Is unknot recognition as difficult as it seems?
B. A. Burton
UQ Early Career Researcher Grant
Funded for 2011
Fast algorithms for string processing in cryptography and bioinformatics
B. A. Burton
UQ New Staff Research Start-Up Grant
Funded for 2010
High-performance computational topology
B. A. Burton
Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing e-Research Grant (EPANRM155.2005)
Funded for 2006

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