From this page you can download some of the data sets appearing in the textbook.

Table 1.2Survey Data
Table 2.1Pulse rates (bpm) before and after diet cola
Table 2.2Random digits
Table 2.4Cosmic random digits
Table 2.7Weights (kg) of Alice's close friends
Table 2.8Recorded durations (ms)
Table 3.1Pulse rate (bpm) for different exercise loads
Table 3.3Height (cm) and time breath held (s)
Table 3.4Plant growth (mm) with or without music
Table 4.1Seedling height (mm) for different lighting levels
Table 4.4Reaction times (cm) between sexes
Table 5.1Number of leaves after three weeks
Table 6.2Vitamin C dissolving times (s) by temperature (°C)
Table 6.3Seedling growth (cm) for different microwave exposure times (s)
Table 6.8Counts of preferred pizza by sex and island
Table 7.1Results from oxytocin and emotions study
Table 7.2Dissolving times (min) by volume (mL)
Table 12.2Random numbers from Normal(0,1)
Table 13.2Dissolving times for Solprin tablets (s)
Table 16.2Worm count data
Table 16.8Dye uptake (mm) with or without coated leaves
Table 16.9Average reaction times before and after alcohol (cm)
Table 16.10Reaction times (ms) between sexes
Table 16.11Plant biodiversity in vineyards
Table 17.1Sustained reductions after 4 months of inhaler use
Table 19.7Water loss (mL) for different wind speeds
Table 19.11Tablet dissolving times (s)
Table 19.12Celery bend angle (degrees) for different storage methods
Table 20.9Distance flown (cm) with different wingspans (cm)
Table 21.15Juice (mL) from oranges by weight (g) and heating
Table 22.1Human random digits
Table 23.2Life-changing events and smoking status
Table 24.14Number of hops in one minute
Table B.1Coded measurements of the passage time of light (ns)
Table B.2Measurements of the mean density of the Earth (g/cm3)
Table B.3Height (inches) of Zea mays
Table B.4Counts of yeast cells in 400 squares
Table B.5Additional sleep (hours) gained by use of hyoscyamine hydrobromide
Table B.6Yields of potatoes (lbs)
Table B.8Iris dimensions (cm)