Professor Peter Adams

I am now Associate Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Science; hence I spend most of my time doing administration rather than teaching or researching. Oh lucky me!



In 2012 I will co-teach SCIE1000, with Professor Peter O’Donoghue from the UQ School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences. If you are interested in seeing some materials from SCIE1000 from 2011, click here.


Research (well, I don’t really do much anymore).

Research interests (erstwhile)

If you are a potential research student, you might like to click here. (But as I said, it’s all out of date now.)

My oldish book, with Rudolf Vyborny and Ken Smith.

Maple for the Kurzweil integral

·         Maple program for displaying Riemann sums graphically and numerically

Candid, jolly photos

Here are two pictures of me being an idiot in snow; in Rovaniemi Finland (left) at -17 degrees C (yes, your tongue really does stick!); and in Yellowstone National Park (right).



Indulging my obsession with embracing turkeys.



In my younger days, during my period as an ascetic zealot. Oh, the passage of time is cruel.