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Dirk P. Kroese

School of Mathematics and Physics
The University of Queensland
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Room 745, Priestley Building


Kroese R.Y. Rubinstein and D.P. Kroese. Simulation and the Monte Carlo Method, Third Edition, John Wiley &Sons, 2017.

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simulation and the Monte Carlo method

D.P Kroese, T. Taimre, Z.I. Botev. Handbook of Monte Carlo Methods, John Wiley &Sons, 2011.

Home Page: montecarlohandbook.org

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Monte Carlo D.P. Kroese and J.C.C. Chan Statistical Modeling and Computation, Springer, 2014.

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statistical modeling and computation R.Y. Rubinstein & D.P. Kroese. The Cross-Entropy Method, Springer, 2004.

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Cross-entropy book


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