This page gives a list of known issues in the current edition of A Portable Introduction to Data Analysis where the girl on the cover has blue eyes and dark hair. There are additional pages of errata for the editions with green eyes or purple eyes.

The errata are classified as being explanatory notes, simple typos or real mathematical errors.

If you find an error in the book then please email The first person to report each error will receive a Freddo Frog. (If it is a mathematical error then you get a filled Freddo!).


12 Typo “called a comparative experiment”
69 Typo “the weights and heights of the 42 Islanders”
129 Typo “The variance of a random variable gives the expected squared deviation of the variable”
147 Typo The correct title of Poisson's 1837 book is Recherches sur la probabilité des jugements en matière criminelle et en matière civile
187 Typo “the Normal density curve we might use to describe increases in pulse rate
206 Typo In Exercise 15.5, want evidence that substance 2 gives more than substance 1
225 Typo In Exercise 16.6: “Compare your results...”
238 Typo “the samples are coming from distributions with the same proportions”
287 Typo Caption for Figure 20.3: “between Islanders with diabetes...”
290 Typo The Treatment MS in Table 20.1 should be 49636
295 Typo “the worst-case scenario”
298 Typo “identify any genes where there may be a significant difference”
306 Missing “The least significant difference can be used to quickly make pairwise comparisons.
336 Typo “This is similar to the relationship”