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Dept. of Maths


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Postdoctoral fellows:

Dr Yu Mei (2016-18)

Dr Fu Yu (2016-17)

Dr Rashid Ahmad (2016)

Dr Lorenz Schabrun (2010-12)
Dr Hao Yin (2009-10)
Dr Nigel Wilkin-Smith (2006)
Dr Wei Dong (2004).

Students graduated:

Mr Jia Wu (current)

Mr Zhewen (Joe) Feng (June 2022)

Mr Leslie Cheung (May 2020)

Mr Rashid Ahmad (Feb 2016)
Mr Yassin Alzubaidi (September 2011)
Mr Lorenz Schabrun (Nov. 2010)
Mr Yassin Alzubaidi (August 2007)
Mr David Fuller (August 2007)


Mr Chak Hoi Chan (Current)

Ms Di Wang (Dec 2023)

Mr Jared Casey (Dec  2023)

Mr Ivan Zelich (July 2019)

Mr Zhewen (Joe) Feng (July. 2015)                             
Mr Leslie Cheung (Nov. 2014)
Mr Brendan Bicknell (Nov. 2012)
Mr Luke Lloyd-Jones (Nov. 2010)
Mr Ahmad Afuni (Nov. 2009)
Mr Matthew Kevin Cooper (August 2009),
Mr Joseph Henry Ray (August 2009)
Mr Jabin Kirk (Nov. 2006)
Mr Lorenz Schabrun (Nov. 2006),
Mr Roger Charles Baker (Nov. 2006)



Min-Chun HongLevel D (equivalent to professor in North American universities)

Department of Mathematics
The University of Queensland
Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia

Phone: +61-7-334 69036

Fax: +61-7-336 51477

Email: hong@maths.uq.edu.au


PhD in 1988 (Zhejiang University), MSc in 1986 (Nankai University), BSc in 1983 (Nankai University).

Professional Experience

1.    2002-2003, Lecturer (continuing), University of New England

2.    1997-2002, ARC research fellow and Fellow at Australian National University

3.    1994-1997, Senior ARC research associate at Australian National University

4.    1993-1994, Postdoctoral fellow at ETH-Zurich, Switzerland

5.    1993, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University, China

6.    1991-1993, Postdoctoral fellow at ICTP, Trieste, Italy

7.    1989-1991, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University, China


Research Interests: Non-linear Partial Differential Equations, Geometric Analysis and Calculus of Variations.

Special topics include:

1.    Regularity theory of harmonic maps, the harmonic map flow.

2.    Yang-Mills connections and the Yang-Mills flow in vector bundles over Riemannian manifolds.

3.    Analysis on the Ericksen-Leslie system in liquid crystals.

4.    Nonlinear partial differential systems and geometric variational problems.

I have collaborated internationally with the following mathematicians:

Yumei Chen (USA), Mariano Giaquinta (Italy), Boling Guo (China), Nobi Hungerbuehler (Switzerland), Luc Lemaire (Belgium), Juergen Jost (Germany), Michael Struwe (Switzerland), Gang Tian (USA), Changyou Wang (USA), Zhouping Xin (Hong Kong)

For further details, see Publications in MATHSCINET and ResearcherID: E-7095-2010 .

ARC Grants and other awards

1.    2015-2017: ARC Discovery large grant: Geometric evolution problems in nonlinear partial differential equations and applications.

2.    2009-2011: ARC Discovery large grant: Geometric partial differential systems and their applications.

3.    2006-2008: ARC Linkage International Award: Variational methods in partial differential equations (with J. Chabrowski, D. Cao, C. Wang)

4.    2004-2006: ARC Discovery large grant: Geometric variational problems and nonlinear partial differential systems

5.    June 1997- June 2002: Australian Research Council Research Fellowship: Geometric variational and evolution problems from mathematics and physics

6.    1990: First Prize in Scientific and Technological Progress by the Chinese Education Ministry (shared with G.Dong and S.P. Wu).

7.    1990: First Prize (US$5,000) in Mathematics for Young Scientists by the Huo Ying-Dong Foundation through the China Education Ministry.

Teaching in 2002-2022

1.    Partial Differential Equations at the Australian National University in 2002

2.    Topology at the University of New England in 2003

3.    Geometry at the University of New England in 2003

4.    Differential Equations at the University of New England in 2003

5.    Advance Ordinary Differential Equations (MATH4402/7402) in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020

6.    MATH1052: Multivariate Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations in 2004-5

7.    Functional Analysis (MATH3402) in 2005-2010 and 2013-20

8.    Differential Geometry (reading course) in 2006-8

9.    Optimization (Second semester) in 2006-9 and 2011-16, 2018-22.

10. Advanced Functional Analysis (MATH4404) in 2015

11. Advanced Partial Differential Equations (MATH4403) in 2019.

12. Advanced Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (MATH4407) in 2022.