QFT Seminar

The Quantum Field Theory (QFT) seminar is a weekly learning seminar at The University of Queensland. This learning seminar meets to discuss various topics related to mathematical physics with connections to representation theory and combinatorics.

Semester I, 2020: Cluster Algebras

We meet on Thursdays at 3:00PM in room 67-442.

Organized by: Valentin Buciumas, Jorgen Rasmussen, Masoud Kamgarpour, Travis Scrimshaw, Ole Warnaar.

Date Speaker Topic
March 5 Travis Scrimshaw Introduction and overview
March 12 Chelsea and Wan Cluster algebras geometric type I: quivers
March 26 Chris H.

Cluster algebras geometric type II: skew-symmetric matrices

April 2 Lawrence

Laurent phenomenon for geometric type cluster algebras

April 9 Nick

The Grassmannian, Pl├╝cker embedding/coordinates, and the related cluster algebra

April 23 Toan

Classification of type A cluster algebras

April 30 Seamus

Diagram foldings and type B/C classification

May 7 Chris R.

Classification theorem of finite-type cluster algebras

May 14 Julianne

Upper cluster algebras and double Bruhat cells

May 21 James

Greedy basis in rank 2

May 28 Grace

Cluster algebras on surfaces


Overflow and Frieze patterns