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My job at The University of Queensland (UQ) is a senior lecturer at the School of Mathematics and Physics (SMP). I do this for 80% of my time and in the remaining time I contribute to One on Epsilon, an EdTech startup. Another such engagement is via a consultancy, Accumulation Point.

At UQ, I teach statistics, applied mathematics and data-science and I carry out research associated with the Operations Research Group and the Probability and Statistics Group.

My academic research lies in the field of operations research, applied probability, stochastic models, queueing systems, parameter estimation, scheduling and control. For the years 2013 - 2015, I held a personal ARC DECRA fellowship as well as an ARC Discovery Grant. Now for 2018-2021 I am working on research associated with an additional ARC Discovery Grant.

At SMP I also serve as an Industry Liaison. My industrial experience is in operations research, industrial statistics, probabilistic modelling, control systems and performance software engineering. Prior to joining academia, I was working as a system and software engineer in the field of wireless networks for half a decade.

As for other activities, I am an associate editor of Stochastic Models. I also organize and take part in other academic events (see tab on the right). One local community activity for which I have great passion is Mathematicians in Schools.

These are some of my previous academic affiliations: Mathematics (Swinburne), EURANDOM (TU/e), Systems Engineering Group (TU/e), Stochastic Networks Group (CWI) and The Department of Statistics (Haifa). My PhD was with Gideon Weiss.









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