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Exploring Julia: A Statistical Primer, Book Draft, with Hayden Klok. Related Talk .

Some Recent Talks:

Recent stuff: Towards Q-learning the Whittle Index for Restless Bandits with Jing Fu, Sarat Moka and Peter Taylor.


·         Scheduling for a Processor Sharing System with Linear Slowdown,
with Liron Ravner,
Preprint [PDF],
Related Talk:         TU/e – EURANDOM, CWI and Twente, September 2013, Presentation [PDF]

                                 QANZIAM, October 2013, Presentation [PDF]
                                  AustMS 2015, Presentation [PDF]

·         Wireless Channel Selection with Restless Bandits,
with Julia Kuhn, Preprint Book Chapter [PDF]
Related Talk: Presentation [PDF]

·         Diffusion Parameters of Flows in Stable Queueing Networks
with Werner Scheinhardt
Preprint [PDF], arXiv:1311.5610,
Related Talk:      Stochastic Processes and Their Applications (SPA Conference), Buenos Aires, July 2014, Presentation [PDF]
Latrobe statistics seminar, May 2011, Presentation [PDF]
                        INFORMS APS Meeting, 2015, Presentation [PDF]

Published/Accepted (Mathematical):

Note other papers with engineering are in a separate list below…

·         The Challenge of Stabilizing Control for Queueing Systems with Unobservable Server States,
with Thomas Taimre, Azam Asanjarani, Julia Kuhn, Brendan Patch and Aapeli Vuorinen,
Conference Paper [PDF], to appear in IEEE proceedings of the Australian Control Conference, 2015.

·         A Dynamic View to Moment Matching of Truncated Distributions
with Benoit Liquet
Paper [PDF] , Statistics and Probability Letters, 104, pp. 87-93.
Related Talk:      QUT Mathematics Colloquium, Presentation [PDF] 

·         Performance of Faulty Loss Systems with Persistent Connections,
with Brendan Patch and Thomas Taimre,
Conference Paper [PDF], ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review 43.2, pp. 16-18.

·         A Queueing Approximation of MMPP/PH/1
with Azam Asanjarani, Conference Paper [PDF], Queueing Theory and Network Applications, Springer International Publishing. 41-51.

·         A Correction Term for the Covariance of Renewal-Reward Processes with Multivariate Rewards
with Brendan Patch and Thomas Taimre
Paper [PDF] arXiv:1408.1530,
Statistics and Probability Letters, 102, pp. 1-7.

·         The Second Order Terms of the Variance Curves for Some Queueing Output Processes
with Sophie Hautphenne, Yoav Kerner and Peter Taylor.
Paper [PDF] arXiv:1311.0069, European Journal of Operational Research, 242, pp. 455-464.
Related Talk:               Seminar at Rigorous Systems Group, Caltech, Presentation [PDF]

·         Exploration vs. Exploitation with Partially Observable Gaussian Autoregressive Arms
with Julia Kuhn and Michel Mandjes
Conference Paper [PDF] ,
Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools. ICST (Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering), Valuetools conference.

·         BRAVO for many-server QED systems with finite buffers.
with Daryl Daley and Johan van Leeuwaarden. Advances of Applied Probability, 47, pp. 231-250.
Preprint [PDF] , arXiv:1308.0933,
Related Talk:         INFORMS APS, 2013, Presentation [PDF].
                               Technion operations research and statistics seminar, Presentation [PDF].

·         Stability of multi-class queueing networks with infinite virtual queues
with Yonjiang Guo, Erjen Lefeber, Gideon Weiss, Hanqin Zhang . Queueing Systems, 76, pp. 309-342.
Paper [PDF],
EURANDOM Preprint Research Report Series, 2011 - 040.
(This report contains an extensive section on diffusion limits, not included in the published paper).

Related Talks: 
       Ghent University, October 2010, Presentation [PPTX].
                             Swinburne ORGANICS seminar, March 2011, Presentation [PDF].
                             QANZIAM workshop 2012, Nusaville QLD,  Presentation [PDF]

·         Non-Existence of Stabilizing Policies for the Critical Push-Pull Network and Generalizations
with Leonardo Rojas- Nandayapa and Tom Salisbury . Operations Research Letters 41 (2013), pp. 265-270.
Paper [PDF], arXiv:1208.5872,
Related Talk:         IWAP 2012, Jerusalem, Presentation [PDF].
                               The University of Queensland Mathematics Colloquium, Presentation [PDF]
                               Jerusalem Statistics Seminar and Haifa Statistics Seminar, Presentation [PDF].

·         The Age of Information in Gossip Networks
with Jori Selen (TU/e student),  Lachlan Andrew and Hai Vu
Conference Paper[PDF] (LNCS proceedings of ASMTA13 workshop).
Research Project Report of Jori Selen.
Related Talks:                 Talk at CTAC2012: Presentation [PDF]

·         The Asymptotic Variance of Departures in Critically Loaded Queues
with Ahmad Al Hanbali, Michel Mandjes, and Ward Whitt.
Advances in Applied Probability, 43, pp 243-263, (2011) Paper [PDF].
Related Talks:       Melbourne MASCOS Seminar, 2010,  
Presentation [PPT]

·         The Variance of Departure Processes: Puzzling Behavior and Open Problems
Queueing Systems, 68, pp 385-394, (2011) Paper [PDF]
Related Talks:       CWI, Queuing Colloquium, August 2009,  Presentation [PDF]
                               Manufacturing Workshop, Eindhoven, June 2010,  Presentation [PPT]
      QTNA2010 Beijing, July 2010,  Presentation [PPT]
      ANZIAM Conference, Adlelaide, January 2011, Presnetation [PPTX]
      IFORS conference, Melbourne, July 2011, Presentation [PPTX]
                              Seminar at the University of Queensland (during Job Interview), Presentation [PPTX]

·         Model Predictive Control for the Acquisition Queue and Related Queueing Networks
with Johan van Leeuwaarden, Erjen Lefeber and Koos Rooda
Technical Report: EURANDOM,
Technical Report Series Nr. 2010-022. Report [PDF] (Extends the conference paper)
Proceedings of the Queueing Theory and Network Applications Workshop, Beijing, 2010. Conference Paper [PDF]
Related Talks:        Twente Seminar,  
Presentation [PDF]
                             QTNA2010 Beijing,  
Presentation [PDF]
                                   ANZIAM2011, Victoria Australia
, Presentation [PDF]

·         A Fluid Approach to Large Volume Job Shop Scheduling
with Gideon Weiss.
Journal of Scheduling, 13(5), 509-529, (2010). 
Paper [PDF]    

·         Positive Harris Recurrence and Diffusion Scale Analysis of a Push Pull Queueing Network
with Gideon Weiss.
Performance Evaluation, 67(4), pp. 201-217, (2010).
  Paper [PDF]
Valuetools conference proceedings, (2008).  Conference Paper [PDF]
Related Talks:        Valuetools, October 2008.   
Presentation [PPT]
                             Haifa Statistics Seminar, May 2008. Presentation [PDF]
Poster:                   Stochastic Networks Conference, June 2008.
Poster [PDF] 

·         A Push-Pull System with Infinite Supply of Work
with Anat Kopzon and Gideon Weiss
Queueing Systems, 62 (2009), 75-111.
 Paper [PDF] 

·         Optimal File Splitting for Wireless Networks With Concurrent Access
with Gerard Hoekstra, Rob van der Mei, and Bert Zwart
Proceedings of NET-COOP 2009,  Editors R. Nunez-Queija and J. Resing, LNCS 5894, pp. 189-203, (2009). Conference Paper [PDF]
Related Talk:         NET-COOP 2009, November 2009,
Presentation [PDF]

·         Near Optimal Control of Queueing Networks over a Finite Time Horizon
with Gideon Weiss.
Annals of Operations Research, 170(1), 2009, 233-249. Paper [PDF]
Related Talks:         Applied Probability Conference, Eindhoven July 2007.
Presentation [PPT]
                              ORSIS, May 2007.
Presentation [PPT]
                              Students Probability Day, Weizmann Institute of Science, March 2007.
Presentation [PPT], Presentation [PDF]
                              StoPeRa, CWI, Amsterdam ,November 2006.  
Presentation [PDF]  

·         The Asymptotic Variance Rate of the Output Process of Finite Capacity Birth-Death Queues
with Gideon Weiss.
Queueing Systems 59, (2008), 135-156  Paper[PDF].
Related Talks:          Meeting of the EURO Stochastic Modeling Group, June 2008.
Presentation [PPT].             
                               ORSIS, May 2008.
Presentation [PPT].
                               EURANDOM QPA Seminar, April 2008.
Presentation [PPT].
                               Haifa Statistics Seminar, February 2008.
Presentation [PPT].
                               Queueing Analysis, Control and Games Workshop, Technion, December 2007. 
Presentation [PPT].
                               The XXVI International Seminar on Stability Problems for Stochastic Models, October 2007.
Presentation [PPT].
Poster:                     Stochastic Networks Conference, June 2008.
Poster [PDF].

Papers with Engineering:


·         Linear-Quadratic Model Predictive Control for Urban Traffic Networks,
Tung Le, Hai Vu, Yoni Nazarathy, Bao Vo, and Serge Hoogendoorn,

Conference Paper [PDF] . The International Symposium on Transportation and Trac Theory, 2013.

Journal Paper [PDF] . Transportation Research Part C, 2013.

·         Shortest Paths in Stochastic Time-dependent Networks with Link Travel Time Correlation,
Wei Dong, Hai Vu, Yoni Nazarathy, , Bao Vo, Minyi Li and Serge Hoogendoorn,
Transportation Research Record (TRR), Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Link To Journal.

·         Architecture and robustness tradeoffs in speed-scaled queues with application to energy management,
Tuan Dinh, Lachlan Andrew and Yoni Nazarathy,
International Journal of Systems Science 45, (2014): 1728-1739.
Paper [PDF]

·         Scaling Photonic Packet Switches to a Large Number of Ports
Harm Dorren, Stefano Di Lucente, Oded Razz, NicolaCalabretta and Yoni Nazarathy
Proceedings of Information Photonics, ICO International Conference 2011, Ottawa. Paper [on IEEEXPLORE]

·         Scalable Optical Packet Switch Architecture for Low Latency and High Load Computer Communication Networks
NicolaCalabretta, Stefano Di Lucente, Yoni Nazarathy, Oded Razz  and Harm Dorren

13th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON), 2011.  Paper [on IEEEXPLORE]

·         Thousand-port Optical Packet Switch Architecture with Highly Distributed Control
 Stefano Di Lucente, Yoni Nazarathy, Nicola Calabretta, Oded Razz  and Harm Dorren

 37th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication (ECOC), 2011.  Paper [on IEEEXPLORE]


·         The Processing Network Simulator (PRONETSIM).
    Last updated: October, 2007 (V0.5).
        PRONETSIM Home Page.

·         The Job Shop Simulation Project (JSSP)
    Last updated: July 2001 (V1.2).
        JSSP Home Page.

·         Processor Sharing Fork Join Simulator (PSSIM).
    Last updated: May 2009, (V0.1).
        PSSIM Home Page.


·         Ph.d Dissertation (2009):
    On the Control of Queuing Networks and the Asymptotic Variance Rate of Outputs.
Thesis - PDF.
Summary Presentation - Haifa Statistics Seminar, November 2008. Presentation [PPT].   
EURANDOM QPA January 2009 Presentation (Related) Presentation [PPT]
CWI Seminar, March 2009 Presentation (Related) Presentation [PPT].
    - SE Club Seminar, April 2009 Presentation (Related)
Presentation [PPT].
    - Sources - Useful for using as a "template" for friends
    - Initial proposal,  August, 2006.
   Proposal [PDF]

·         M.A. Thesis (2001):
    Evaluation of On-Line Scheduling Rules for High Volume Job Shop Problems, a Simulation Study.
        Thesis [PDF]

Miscellaneous talks (not directly about my research):

·         EURANDOM Reading Seminar, June 2009,
   "Stochastic Storage Processes, Ch 6" by N.U. Prabhu,
Presentation [PDF].

·         CWI Reading Seminar, September 2009,
    "An Assortment of Papers on Performance Analysis of Optical Packet Switched Networks",
Presentation [PPT].

·         EURANDOM EPPS Seminar, October 2009,
    "Interactive Demonstrations with Mathematica", 
Presentation [PPT],
     Mathematica Examples:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

·         Swinburne Mathematics Seminar, August 2010,
Presentation [PPT]

·         EURANDOM EPPS Seminar, November 2010,
A bit on the Linear Complementarity Problem",  Presentation [PPTX],

·         Mock Teaching Talks During Job Interviews, end 2011,
     Markov Chains in Monash, Lesson [PDF] (15 min)
     MLE at UQ, Lesson [PDF] (30 min)

·         Motivational talk for tutors at Swinburne, Presentation [PPTX]

·         Panel session at the ASC2012 workshop in Adelaide for “Young Statisticians”: One Slide about Yoni up to 2012.

·         Five Mathematical Algorithms That Help Us Get There,
a presentation to QLD Secondary School Teachers, UQ, 2015,
Presentation [PPTX].  

·         The Linear Complementarity Problem,
UQ Acems Seminar, 2017.
Presentation [PDF] .

In progress (with associated talks, etc.):

These are papers on which I have already given talks…

·         Finite buffer fluid networks with overflows
with Stijn Fleuren and Erjen Lefeber
Related Talks: 
      EURANDOM QPA Problem Session, November 2010, Presentation [PPTX]
                               Swinburne math seminar Presentation [PDF]
                               Sydney business school Presentation [PPTX]

·         Scaling limits of cyclically varying birth-death processes
with Matthieu Jonckheere and Leonardo Rojas- Nandayapa
Related Talks:
       EURANDOM QPA Seminar, June 2010,  Presentation [PDF]
                               Madrid MCQT, June 2010,  Presentation [PDF]
                               Second Dutch-Israeli Workshop on Queueing Theory, October 2010,  Presentation [PDF]
                               University of Sydney statistics seminar, July 2011, Presentation [PDF]
                               2nd Australia New Zealand Applied Probability Workshop, January 2012, Presentation [PDF]

·         The Asymptotic Variance of Thinned Deaths Counts in Birth Death Processes
with Daryl Daley
Related Talk:                   Cambridge, May 2014, Presentation [PDF]

·         Nonstabilzaiblity conditions for multi-class queueing networks with infinite virtual queues
with Tom Salisbury .
Related Talk:                  Institute of Mathematical Statistics     Conference (IMS), Sydney, July 2014, Presentation [PDF]
                               Bedlewo, Stochastic Networks and Risk Analysis IV Conference, May 2014, Presentation [PDF]

Annotated Bibliography (Continuously Updated):

·         Parameter and State Estimation in Queues and Related Stochastic Models: A Bibliography
with Phil Pollett.
Related Talks:                 Invited talk at ASC2012: Presentation [PPTX]

ECQT 2018: Presentation [PDF]


Unpublished papers:

·         The Variance Curve of M/G/1 Outputs - a Renewal Reward Perspective
Yoav KernerPaper [PDF]
Related presentation of "the problem" in QPA open problem session
Problem [PDF]