207.2250 Winter 2008

Exam Name Date Exam Solution Notes and Comments
Opening Probability Quiz 8.11.07 Winter_2008_Open_Quiz_v3.pdf Winter_2008_Open_Quiz_Solution_v2.pdf OpenExamContents1.pdf
Midterm #1 30.11.07 Midterm1.pdf Midterm1_sol.pdf Midterm1Contents1.pdf
Midterm #2 4.01.08 Midterm2_v2.pdf Midterm2_sol.pdf Midterm2Contents.pdf
Moed A 7.02.08 Moed_A_v1.pdf Moed_A_SOLUTION_v2.pdf

(updated 10.2.08)

(file was slightly updated
before Moed B)


Moed B 28.2.08 Moed_B_v1.pdf Moed_B_SOLUTION_v1.pdf
Moed C 30.3.08 Moed_C_v1.pdf Moed_C_SOLUTION_v1.pdf
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